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Christoph Zillgens

Great article.

For me it’s important to tell the client that there are differences between the browsers and most of my clients understand that.

But there are always some pigheads, who want it being done their way. My best argument to convince them is money.

Just let the client decide:
“If you except the browser differences, it’s okay, let’s put the effort in styling for the modern browsers. If not, you have to invest more money to make IE show a similar layout like the modern browsers.”

I try to convince the client that investing money in a browser that will go down during the next years is no good idea. Showing some graphs like this helps to prove that. Or even better try to prove it with their own stats.

If that doesn’t help, do it as the client expects it and make sure you get paid for every single minute spent on improving hacking IE. I can live with that.

Ah, one more thing I’d like to know, Andy:

Do you completely skip the Photoshop/Fireworks process and design entirely in the browser or do you use these tools before you start HTML/CSS?