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24 ways to impress your friends

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Great article/story Andy, but its does seem like you are keeping them in the dark regarding cross browser issues.

Personally, when I first present a design (as HTML) to a client I present it to them using Firefox. I then educate them about certain cross browser issues and rendering differences, namely with IE. When I code, I initially code for a standards compliant browser, for me that’s the latest Firefox. I explain that the site has not yet been ‘hacked’ for IE6,7, etc, but that it is one of the final stages of development.

I then ensure that they install the latest Firefox (keep it on a thumb drive), and that they are not getting the ‘true’ design at this stage using any other browser. This is usually enough to convert the most ardent IE user towards Firefox during the weeks of the development cycle and ensures that I dont get any “wheres the rounded corners in IE?” questions during development.

By the time I have altered any CSS or scripts for a smooth ride in IE, the client is a disciple of Mozilla.