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24 ways to impress your friends

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Mathias Bynens

Great article, Andy!

I do, however, have some questions:

When I first presented my designs to Mike and Sam, I showed them a Web page made with HTML and CSS in their respective browsers and not a picture of a Web page. By showing neither a static image of my design, I set none of the false expectations that, by definition, a static Photoshop or Fireworks visual would have established.

Yeah, but doesn’t that mean you also have more work when — hypothetically — the client decides he doesn’t like the design and wants you to create another one? You’ll have to a) redesign AND b) translate your new design in HTML and CSS.
What if the client asks for three different designs beforehand? Are you gonna code these as well, knowing that you won’t be able to use two of them in the end?
In this specific case, would it really be worth it to work the way you do?