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24 ways to impress your friends

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Molly E. Holzschlag

Great article Andy, extra points for getting Microformats in there!

For readers who are asking: User style sheets are one of the earliest aspects of CSS and therefore have surprisingly wide support. No need to wait ‘til IE7 for implementation, it’s there.

To implement user styles in IE6, select Tools > Internet Options > General > Accessibility. In the Accessibility dialog there’s an option “Format documents with my style sheet”

Check that dialog and browse to the .css file you’d like to implement and voila! You can remove it at any time by unchecking it.

In IE 5 for Mac, Explorer > Preferences > Web Content > Show Style Sheets / Use My Style Sheet. Click the Select Style Sheet button and away you go.

Also worthy of note is that Chris Pederick’s wonderful Web Developer Extension for Mozilla / Firefox has a feature where you can add user styles right from the toolbar.

Enjoy, and happy no-ad browsing.

Thanks again Andy!