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Chris Coyier

In a recent redesign of my own personal website, I used TypeKit to server Skolar as the main font. I was so happy while I was designing it. It was the first time for me I could use a non-web-standard font for even the body copy not just headers as things like sIFR were limited to.

When I launched it, I had an onslaught of remarks from folks HATING on the type. I didn’t understand it until I saw some screenshots from IE users with the awful rendering. I only learned later this had to do with this “hinting” business, which was a real bummer, since it meant I couldn’t just swap out Skolar for something else, it meant all these “real” fonts suffer from the same problem.

I still haven’t done anything about it… Part of me says “screw you, buy a Mac”. Part of me says I should probably at least go back to Georgia for the body copy.