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24 ways to impress your friends

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Derek Kinsman

Hey Jina, nice article. I like the whole ‘Do Stuff That Matters [to you]’ attitude. I try and live by that. Keeps me sane. :)

The emotional state of us folk who build websites is just as important to talk about as the business, tech, creative, and strategy topics are.

Thanks for sharing.

I think above all the technical talks, creative talks, theory talks (which are all topics that anyone can learn, even our sometimes unlearned clients), there should be more discussion about why we love designing. And how to keep that love for design at it’s peak. Without burning out, or forgetting that we have friends while we sit in a dark room photoshopping for 24 hours straight. Hopefully we’ll learn on the way.

Feel good about doing what you do.

@alessandro ~ I disagree. We don’t always need a tech demo or tutorial or top 10 list to enhance our skill set. Sometimes we need life lessons so that we can continue doing what we do, and enjoy it. Something about having the cake and eating it too.

I think taking care of yourself mentally would be making sure you don’t overwork yourself, or burnout. I’ve done that exactly 1 3/4 times this year already. Nothing to do with drugs. Well, maybe a bit. Physically, make sure your work environment is comfortable. You don’t want to go under the knife and have your tendon pullies snipped to relieve RSI stress.