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24 ways to impress your friends

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Thank you for the answer Drew.

I think that this article is not so useful, because it is too focused on personal and emotional aspects of our work and our life, in a superficial way

Now that I read it, I know that if I find the perfect job for me, do work that is meaningful and take proper care of me physically, mentally, and socially I will be a successful man.

I’m sure that are very good advices, but you can’t say things like these in a small web page and pretend that are useful to someone.

What does it means, exactly, “take care of yourself mentally?”. Maybe that I have to stop with drugs? No, this is the physical part, i suppose, so what does it means “mentally”? And “socially”? To read more and attend more parties, maybe?

I think everything is too superficial here, and when you are too superficial you say nothing.