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24 ways to impress your friends

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Thanks for the insightful article! I have stumbled upon plenty of tutorials on how we can use selectors at their full power in the advent of CSS3 but I have to say that this is one of the most comprehensive one so far. What makes it so interesting is that you suggested using jQuery to cover up loopholes when it comes to dealing with old rusty browsers that fail to support such selectors.

It’s a shame that IE6 and IE7 are illiterate when it comes to interpreting with these selectors but I’m glad that many are on the move to switch to a better browser – and one more cheerful, triumphant news is that Google released Chrome Frame for IE which will liberate many users locked down by corporate policies and nasty tech department folks that were forced to use IE6 (e.g. due to proprietary software used by the company and etc).

Although I wouldn’t recommend using javascript to fix CSS issues due to the inherent problem that some (very few) users have javascript turned off for safety reasons, I have good faith that it still works for majority of those who are using older browsers. jQuery is a very valuable resource when it comes to dealing with CSS selectors :) thank goodness for that!