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24 ways to impress your friends

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Mark Boulton

@all – thanks!


@BEVAN STEPHENS: Glad someone got the rather obscure reference :)

@DEREK ANDERSON: I don’t think FOUT is a problem with placing emphasis on text sizing, placement etc. I think it’s a problem for every user looking at a website and then that website changing whilst they’re reading it. Especially if it alters lines. Thanks for Jon’s link.

@BEN: Indeed it would. Providing better tools so people can make better font stacks is something every font embedding service should strive for.

@HEATHER FLYTE: Ah ha! Someone else got the reference too! I say it as well and am often met with strange looks.

@STEWART MCCOY: The reason I chose Lucida Bright as the second typeface down the stack is it has an overall more condensed look similar to Meta. Whilst Cambria and Georgia may share similar letterform shapes, the overall similarities with Lucida Bright were too many to ignore. But maybe they should be switched around.

@MARTIN LEBLANC: Verdana et al were designed specifically for screen use. Many typefaces available for embedding were designed to be printed first, viewed on screen second.