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  1. Yaili

    Wow! I’m amazed by the loveliness of all your comments, thanks!

    To reply to some of you:

    @ChrisB , @Ben Bodiem : You are right. If the cursor:pointer property is set on the normal label selector it works in Opera. Thanks for pointing that out!

    @Ben Chinn : Yes, only Safari renders the placeholder for now, so it’s not a good idea to use it for very important content, I suppose.

    @John Faulds , @Rich Clark : I agree that that may not be the perfect usage of the content/counter, but I suppose that it’s okay as an example of what it can be done with it.

    @Dale : Thanks! I’ve quietly avoided styling the select element, shh… :) Doing a quick search on Delicious, I can see some examples of how to style it using JavaScript. Let me know if you find any great techniques.

    @Peter : You are correct too. But IE6 wouldn’t like that.

    @Simon R Jones : If you take a look at these specs, there is some indication of which browsers support what. Beware, the page is really, really slow to load :(

    @Kean : Ben Bodien explains it better than me

    @Chris Mahon : The form is focused on the HTML and CSS, not what happens when you actually press the “Buy it!” button :)

    @Alex Gibson : I could’ve added soooo much more HTML and CSS stuff in there! I had to refrain myself a bit, or there would be enough material for a book! I use Modernizr often on my projects.

    @Cole Henley : We could have a discussion of which is the best element to wrap around the input/label pair. Some people prefer paragraphs, others divs or lists. I accept all of them as correct, but others may disagree.

    @Adam C : Oh, Adam! Where’s your Christmas spirit? :)

    @Ray Drainville : I too would recommend a proper CSS reset when creating a site, but for this example, that was all we needed.

    @Vadim Makeev , @Zcorpan : You are probably right. Why not write a post about it? I’d love to read that :)