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Remy Sharp

@RYAN SEDDON – cheers for pointing that out – I hadn’t spotted that the other browsers had JSON support baked in.

@DEVON GOVETT – yep, Safari has Web Databases as well as Web Storage, but from my playing around, I can’t see any advantage database has over storage. Sure you can do complicated queries, but 99% of the time I have a key and just want to get the value out. Similar to the CouchDB model. Also Web Database is only available in Safari (possibly Chrome, I’ve not checked), whereas Web Storage is available in 3 of the big 4.

@JOHANNES GORSET – cheers for pointing out that the DOM tab introspects the storage object. It seems a bit lame compared to Safari’s DB view, but I guess the data’s still the same!

@MATTHEW PENNELL – I’ve not tested memory management or performance yet, so when I find time, I’ll have a play around.