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24 ways to impress your friends

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Billee D.

Thanks Jeffrey for an article that hits close to home. Being lean in our current economy is almost as important as being green.

I have always prided myself on the “smallness” of my company. With myself and never more than two other partners on most projects I have been met with both ridicule and with open arms. That whole agility thing that gets bandied around so much today is really a marketing spin on small, talented, and well-organized shops who deliver quality work almost under the radar. Being small and (ahem) “agile” has helped numerous organizations including everyone’s favorite nimble poster child 37signals.

I have been working in this same manner for years myself and I too started out in my apartment. I have a small basement office now, but I am still working out of my home. It keep costs down and allows me the freedom to run downstairs in the night if I have a sudden flash of inspiration.

Once again you have nailed it in a timely and topical fashion. I just want to say thanks and happy holidays!