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24 ways to impress your friends

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Dan Rubin

@Nik Coughlin: Interesting twist on the topic, thank you for sharing :)

@Christopher Olberding: As far as I’m aware, IE6 doesn’t support absolute positioning on more than 2 sides without Javascript. It also has issues with absolute/relative positioning (which don’t always cause problems, but Dean’s JS library fixes those issues as well).

@Josh: You’re referring to “faux columns” which I noted in the beginning of the article — I’ve used that technique many times myself, and love it, but sometimes it either isn’t practical to use a background image to create “fake” columns, or there’s another effect you may wish to create, or your design may not quite work with background images for a specific set of columns (and so on). This is an option for those times :)

@Razvan: As Drew already replied, the intention is for the IDs to be as clear as possible within the context of the examples within this article. Any IDs or classes will work, but as with many tutorials the onus is on the reader to practice their best practices of their own accord :)