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24 ways to impress your friends

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Andrew Areoff

Wow! What an article. I can’t pretend to be anywhere near where you found yourself Christopher but so much (almost every line infact) of what you’re saying rings true for me or either illuminates my situation as a fellow web designer – or whatever we are called.

You mention about seeking constant feedback and dare I say, validation for what we do through the monocle of social media is and questioning whether this is a good way to go because of the highs and lows it entails. Well I have a very longstanding client (18 years) who shuns social media and instead seeks feedback and crucial focus group insight from a close network of people in his industry and further afield. This is something we can learn from I think. Step back from the narcissism and apparent instant feedback of social media and instead work out who you trust in the real world (yes I think that social media is not and never will be the ‘real world’) and stick to their valued support.