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24 ways to impress your friends

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Tanner Hearne

Hey Brad, we setup a very similar project hub we could use for each client last year that we used for several months while at a creative agency. I believe the key is the 100% scale of designs inside of the clients’ browsers. It helps them so much in viewing and visually taking in the designs.

Around 6 months ago, we switched all of the clients to using Invision, which is super, super cool. The main benefit is their feedback/commenting system where you can mark things as regular comments that clients can see or “dev comments” specifically for development notes. This emails a perfect zoomed in screenshot of that specific piece of that specific design to whoever is in the feedback conversation.

They also have version history and the ability to close feedback items once they have been discussed, or fixed, or otherwise.

The also have a killer mobile experience where you can install a full screen web app and have animations in between pages.

It keeps everything super organized and feedback is easy to use. Check it out if you haven’t before: