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Brad Frost


I’m curious about your inclusion of blog posts, too. Were those something the client considered part of the project? Would you do that with other clients?

The blog posts are part of our open redesign of the Pittsburgh Food Bank , so yes the clients were on board with these blog posts. I would absolutely love to blog about our process during the project for other clients. It’s something that I would love to see more of.

Would you always include your contracts here?

Nope. Again, this is due to the open nature of this redesign. But yeah, for most projects, the project timeline might just include things pertinent to the actual design and development process.

Do you ever expand these beyond a timeline?

Yes, absolutely. Those nitty-gritty in-the-weeds conversations, tasks, and works-in-progress are all essential to the design process, but not everything needs to be represented in the project hub. I like to think of the project hub as a place where the noteworthy design/development progress updates are shared. It helps separate the wheat from the chaff.

And as far as linking to other tools (whether it be Basecamp, Trello, Google Docs, whatever), in my experience those are the tools that we’re using on a daily basis so people tend to know where they are. While I don’t find it necessary to include every other tool as a link in the project hub, it might not hurt to have a little dashboard linking to all the tools you use.