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24 ways to impress your friends

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Brian Swisher

Some proclaim the importance of content for good reason. Content is what users are seeking. If you’ve got it and it’s really good, excellent! If you have it and it’s just on par with others, then decorative flourishes and visual images might convince users that yours is the go to source. But if you’re content is no good, then no amount of visual flourish will convince users otherwise.

Some encourage methods like mobile first also for good reason as well. Users are aggressively using mobile or non-desktop devices to access the web at a rapid rate. There will be a point in the future where the desktop web user will be in the minority. The web experience is officially in the process of being disrupted. The music industry was disrupted by MP3s. The movie industry is getting disrupted by things like UltraViolet. Both industries initially reacted by rejecting the disruption. We knew that would’t work.

We should avoid rejecting the web disruption. There are new constraints to be considered, but constraints can be effective tool for creativity. It’ll force us to realize new and better UI conventions, that I’m certain of.