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Both yes and no.

There are a lot of grunt plugins that will help with various commands, and you can create your own tasks/plugins to do the commands that are explicitly command line. However, depending on what the exact usage is, you will probably still need to do something.

Look over the various plugins on and see what can be found there. From the top of my head, you’ll want to look at contrib-coffee, probably contrib-concat for cat, shell for any commands that are native to the command line (such as ls), maybe git for your git commands.

In the end, if you really need to use actual shell commands, then no, it will not work equally on *nix and non-*nix systems, but if it can be mimicked by node scripts and such, then yes, it probably should be.

Personally I use GruntJS as a way to replace all the shell scripts that I tend to gather, but I also don’t work in a non-*nix environment.