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24 ways to impress your friends

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Do websites have to look the same in different browsers? No, they don’t have to. Do people (read: clients) want them to look the same? Yes, they do.
And really I can’t blame them. A good webdesign consists entirely of a consistent style. Even the smallest details should integrate together as a whole. People who say websites do not need to look the same are in my view either lazy or frustrated with the current state of standard implementation. (both of which I can sympathize with).

I am also questioning the fact of using browser-specific “filters” and then override them with the genuine CSS3 property so the site is “future-proof”. How far into the future should we design? Does this mean I start designing completely css3 compliant and simply wait for the future to catch up with my sites?

These kind of articles provide us with a nice test-case and some fun. But should be seen purely from an educational point of view. They are not practicle. Sorry, just my opinion.