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24 ways to impress your friends

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Andi Farr

@Andrew, @Elliot: I think the trouble is that there is no longer a real-world application – if I saw a site carrying a header like this, I’d immediately be thinking ‘Ah, that’s from Jon Tan’s site’ :)

So Andrew, there probably isn’t a direct real-world application of this tutorial. But that’s really not the point! This tutorial isn’t something to be taken directly and reproduced, but rather an insight into a different way of thinking about how type can be manipulated with CSS rules. It’s a primer which shows that you don’t necessarily have to think about formatting text in paragraphs or even words, but can really deconstruct it and do whatever you like. The end result of this tutorial and a bit of careful thinking about the type in your life could easily look very different – but no less special!

Take care, Andi