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24 ways to impress your friends

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Douglas Greenshields

In the case of hCard, how would I mark up the different lines of a “street-address”?

I don’t agree that the lines in an address comprise a list, any more than that a series of paragraphs comprise a list.

I’m much more of a sceptic these days about the usefulness of microformats (yup, I came as the Grouch), but I’d love to be converted back to a more optimistic side. Helping search engines index your pages sounds like one of the better uses I can think of. You know what would be another use? Microformats in HTML email (something this example would suit!). A little widget in, say, Gmail, that can grab vCards and write an hCard right into the email. Gmail could parse out any microformats in received emails, too, and present the information in whichever way was appropriate. Of course, things would be better if we could just expect our email client to recognise addresses like Apple Mail! But until then, there’s always microformats.