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Andi Farr

To be honest, this sort of semantic nitpicking is one of my least favourite things about being part of the web design community. Semantics are a practical tool and make your documents meaningful and portable. What they are not is a weapon to beat other designers round the head with.

As Drew already pointed out, a list is a perfectly valid match for an address. A group of items, in a specific order, which are grouped for a specifc purpose? That sounds like a list to me!

As for the <address> thing – I’ve always been in two minds about this. On one hand, I know exactly what the spec says the address element means (how could anyone not? It gets mentioned at least once in any discussion of hCards – in this case, even without being in the example). On the other hand, I personally feel that if you’re going to defend semantics so thoroughly, it’s probably the most meaningful element (from a pure semantics point of view, that is). I’ve always gone with the specs on this, but I’ve always thought it represents a decision between sticking religiously to (X)HTML specs, and marking up your document as semantically as possible. Just an idle thought.

First comment on here, by the way, so I’ll just say well done on the redesign. It’s a bit special!

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