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Truth is IE6 user base is at 18.5% according to w3schools. That is about a 40% drop from last year in same month. Even though it is a sharp decline I feel that 18.5% is worth keeping the IE6 workarounds still in place. We all know what to expect with IE6 and we’ve all had to deal with the issues. I don’t believe there is that much more effort required to make that % unworthy of our time.

One thing that is left out of this article is the demographic influence. If your site/store targets people who would be in that IE6 user base…it would be well worth your time to support it. If you know your demographic would have nothing to do with IE6 (such as this website’s target demo) then great. No need to worry about IE6.

For me, until I can look at the IE6 user base and justify losing those customers, I’ll keep dealing with the headaches of IE6.

Just my opinion.