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Chris Sharp

Sorry to join so late…

I have a background in software training and it turns out that naming your courses is very important. If you have three courses pitched at different levels you can’t call your intro course beginners or basic because people tend to think they’re already beyond that and sign up for the intermediate course. It’s then a real pain in the neck when you have to go back and teach the basics. So we tend to call the course “An Introduction to…” or “A Foundation Course in..”. The next two levels enforce this by being pitched as “intermediate” and “advanced”.

Taking a very simple overview of browsers as things stand we also have three levels: Basic CSS (IE 6); Good CSS (IE7); Great CSS (Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE8…). For these three levels I propose these terms

Foundational Support
Standard Support
Advanced Support

I’m not 100 percent happy with the term Standard, but other options like Enhanced or Enriched are already in use and it wouldn’t be obvious which was the highest level.

Foundational sounds much better than Basic,who wants a basic web site! It also says that we will be building a strong, unbreakable web site.