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24 ways to impress your friends

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Nice article! To be frank, at first, somewhere in the middle of the article, I was amazed that a complex mathematical formula was introduced (which I hardly understood).

Then, towards the end, things were simplified and basically ended in “Be wise, use your own judgment, when dealing with IE6. If your audience is ~30%+ of IE6 users, and you have a lot of time for developing the website, use conditional comments for IE6 and write your own CSS fixes for this old browser. If, on the other hand, the IE6 users are fairly low in number, and/or you don’t have too much time for development, then use the IE6 script.”

For my part, I can say that I am almost as eager to see this old browser go away, as I was eager to see Netscape 4.7.x fade in history… :-)