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24 ways to impress your friends

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Lauren Scime

I agree that for now at least, the answer lies in some sort of moderate level of IE6 support. As much as I would LIKE to take drastic measures to promote upgrading, implementing a redirect to download the latest version of IE is not the best idea…

While I reluctantly “support” IE6, I’ve definitely toned down the time spent being anal. The site doesn’t have to look identical anymore, just close enough – unless the client wants to pay more.

As it stands right now though, “support” should mean usable, not pixel perfect.

That said, I will take my liberties using CSS 3 properties when it makes sense, because this makes the site better for peeps using modern browsers. (Sorry IE6 and 7 users, but the border-radius property beats cutting up images for rounded corners or using javascript hands down. Guess you’ll have to see 90 degree angles…)

BTW, I think the formula is awesome! I might find myself plugging numbers to see what makes sense.

Of course, if the day comes when we’re all going to band together in a civil disobedience and drop support completely, please someone make sure i hear the news :)