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24 ways to impress your friends

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Jobst von Heintze

Interesting idea, but some questions come to my mind. Being a photographer by myself and now working on a re-design of my webpage a global CDN sounds like an ideal solution to deliver high rez imagery to a worldwide audience. Looking at your site I ask myself now:

1. Did you measured any performance increase at all? You don’t have quite a lot of content on your site, but heard anything about a significantly increase in performance from other site owners using this technique?

2. Your Google PageRank is quite high for such a small and young site. Any ideas if this is due to your direct link from this post or has anything to do with using Google as CDN?

3. Somebody mentioned, that .js and .css get compressed by Google. Although this would be beneficial for my AJAX/.js heavy page (work in progress example does the user has any control about the compression? For some reasons some compression methods I used before interfered with the functionality of the code. (Yes I know, it might be due to some bugs in the code, but this compression then would introduce a whole new debugging cycle of something that worked before…)

Anyway, thank you for this article – it made me thinking about things from another perspective!