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24 ways to impress your friends

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Hi Jon,

Great article!

A good friend of mine is always telling me……

“You will be forever learning in this business”, how right he is, today I have learned a few things and made one interesting discovery!…STYLISH!!

how have i never heard of this great little add-on. I also particularly enjoyed the bit about reducing http requests by inserting images translated into text so that it can be embedded into css, very handy! I had never thought of that! and there are a number of ways that good use could be made of it.

Just in case its of interest to anyone, I am quite fond of the Aardvark extension which allows you to mouse over elements within a page and display their class or ID, a very usefull way to quickly find out such information without having to loose any browser space! I use it all the time, I’m sure many others do, but just incase you don’t here’s the URL:

Aardvark Extension

Oh how I love the 24ways to xmas time of the year!