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24 ways to impress your friends

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Drew McLellan

“OK, so we know why this layout looks like a load of crap in FF2 (hello, Camino anyone?).”

We know we’re pushing the boundaries of current browser tech here, but if we can’t do that on a site like this, where can we? If you’re still using FF2, it’s way past time to upgrade (I’d be genuinely interested to hear of a reason why you couldn’t – you get that with IE6 a lot, but not FF2).

The latest version of Camino supports RGBA – in fact that’s what I personally use to browse. Again, time to upgrade.

“Clicking “comments” tab at the bottom of article doesnt scroll my window back to top.”

It should do – I made that addition about 12 hours ago. You may need to do a hard refresh.

“Why isn`t the basic navigation visible above the fold?”

Two reasons.

1) that’s not the basic navigation. It’s supplementary, and absolutely not required to navigate the site
2) there is no fold.