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  1. Beau Lebens

    I really like this list, and as a developer I know my life would be a heck of a lot easier if all the designers I’d ever worked with followed even half of these tips.

    I particularly like your analogy at the end about comfort zones and areas of expertise.

    Another couple notes I’d like to add would be:

    - Actively point out/annotate how the content should sit on the page (fixed width/resizable, left/right/center, etc)

    - Make sure that if your background image isn’t a tile, then you take into account that some people have really large screens (e.g. don’t give us a background image cropped at 1024 or something, just because that’s the size you were working at).

    - It can be really handy to have a list of the fonts that you used, and also “back up” font preferences, especially for system text/content.

    Really looking forward to seeing the rest of this year’s 24ways!