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“Designers need to consider both states of any feature they’re designing – how it looks and functions with and without JavaScript. If the feature does something fancy with Ajax, consider how the same can be achieved with basic HTML forms, links and intermediary pages. These all need to be designed, because this is how some of your users will interact with the site.”

Wise words indeed. Pity they weren’t heeded by the team responsible for the redesign. Did anyone user test the site with Javascript disabled, to see how it “looks and functions with and without Javascript”? And Opera?

The article text is present in the markup, but styled {display:none} in the CSS, until the Gods of JQuery come and sprinkle their fairy dust on it to make it readable. FOR THE PAGE CONTENT.

Sure, for some bleeding edge tech site, but on a site advocating for best practise in web design, whose first article is on using Javascript responsibly…

Epic Fail.