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Matt Robin

Mark: Your response is nearly identical to my own – so I won’t repeat what you’ve written, but just to say that you’re spot-on!

As much as I like this article and ‘Mobile 2.0’ in general, it really is going to stumble in the UK if carriers continue screwing the consumers.
One of the flaws of this article (if not the push for Mobile 2.0 itself) is that much of it hangs on one phone – the iPhone – but aside the iPhone, which other mobile/cell phones have been launched on the market that come anywhere close to matching or competing with it? None!

While that is great for the iPhone (and I’ll be the first person to say it fully deserves it’s success) – it is offered on only only one network, with weedy contracts at inflated prices…all of which are far too limiting for many consumers.

Mobile 2.0 does seem to be taking steps in the right direction, but phone manufacturers and carriers (at least in the UK) are not!

2008 needs to see Mobile-browsing costs in the UK fall dramatically, and Mobile 2.0 needs to be used on various handsets (not just the iPhone), or it will remain as much of a novelty as it did in 2007.