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Jonathan Nicol

I pleased to hear I am not the only web designer who favours multiple iterations over multiple concepts (tip #4).

By producing multiple concepts, not only do you hazard the client mixing and matching between several designs, you run the risk of them picking a design in its entirety that is below par. The idea that it is possible to produce multiple concepts that are of equal merit is an optimistic one, and to trust the client to pick the best of the bunch is more optimistic still.

In my experience my first design usually contains my best ideas, and in subsequent concepts I either rehash the good ideas from the first design, strike out in an entirely different direction in an attempt to produce something that looks unique from the first design, or worst of all, knock out a sub-standard design simply to make up the numbers.

Today, if a client requests multiple concepts I steer them towards the “one concept, multiple revisions” approach instead.