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Joel Patrick

I think think the article fits into the ambitions of this Advent Calendar. I appreciate the link to the css-discuss wiki.

One of the struggles is to get a somewhat standardized page structure. If we replace a lot of table-based webapps with a variety of different css-based webapps each with different id and class names, it seems like we will get another, perhaps even more inscrutable body of code. I think it would be a good thing to have a standardized page structure that can be communicated to developers as the basis for their work.

I have considered imposing some well-know page structure like that of MovableType as a standard way of breaking down pages, but I have to admit I have not yet seen much thought on the subject of what the best practices are. Given the amount of time I see go into CSS, I think it is non-trivial to find a page structure that could serve well for graphics designers and web developers alike. I guess it is the “CSS Zen Garden” problem applied to more everyday websites.