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Well, most of the negative commentary seems to come from people who have yet to use the YUI stuff in actual production. The only problem I really ran into using the yui grids came down to inheritance and nesting, and thats really more a feature/problem of css then it is with the grids solution itself. (just try nesting gb or gc classes under g ones or vice versa, you’ll see).

But those problems aside, which are not really problems, since it forces you to rethink how you were planning your layout anyways, the grids are great. I’ve already used them on 3 different projects successfully and have to say I’m not going to be wasting my time going forward by trying to reinvent the wheel.

As to the hacks comments: conditional comments, separate css files, those are all great ideas, but those are perfect world solutions, not real world. If you find yourself having to hack ALOT, then someting is WRONG with your layout/markup, and you are creating those problems for yourself, not the browsers. In any large project I’ve worked on, by the time i’m done I have maybe 3 or 4 IE specific _ hacks in my markup (almost always related to the whole has layout problem), and if the site is live and working fine, I’m TOTALLY ok with that, because that means I’m getting paid. ;)