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Andrew Ingram

This may have been addressed already, but it’s late and i’m too tired to read through everything that’s been said in detail.

My issue with YUI Grids is that regardless of whether the class names used to hook the styles are meaningful, you’re doing your markup based on your styles rather than the other way round.

It may not be that much tag soup (though definitely more structural markup than necessary), but it seems to me that it’s a step backwards in terms of seperating style from content. It’s hard work producing markup that has no fluff, but I like to think that it’s worth it, even with all styles disabled every single character in the document source is adding to the meaningful information content of the page (I accept that it’s not always possible but it’s something we should aim for).

Don’t confuse this for blind designer or coder pride concerning my beautiful hand-crafted markup and style rules, i’m all in favour of using frameworks – I use YUI Fonts quite regularly and am quite interested in learning Django, Rails et al. But unless i’m missing some big part of YUI Grids, i can’t see how it’s the right idea.