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24 ways to impress your friends

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@Christian: I know it’s the purist in us all but I’m not convinced it’s so important to change the doc3 ID – sure they could have been named after their widths or something but it doesn’t worry me personally. The added benefit of leaving as-is is when (if) Nate releases another version and you forgot to rename the IDs… By its very nature you can’t rename the classes that build the grid for you due to the dependencies.

About all I’ve done is add semantic IDs to some divs to act as a hook for the cascade and demonstrate to me the ‘important’ divisions on the page.

Thanks for the write-up Nate, this is actually clearer for me than the official page. I’ve only just released the redesign of my website and tonight I have already ported it to the YUI grids way on my dev server so I guess they’ll be another relaunch this weekend. The speed of putting layouts together is impressive.