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24 ways to impress your friends

Scott Jehl

Scott Jehl

Scott Jehl is a web designer / developer who works with the bright folks at Filament Group. At Filament, Scott helps craft websites and applications for a range of clients, including the recent Responsive design of the Boston Globe, and regularly contributes ideas and code to the open source community, such as the recent Respond.js project.

Scott enjoys writing and speaking about web design, and in 2010 co-authored the book Designing with Progressive Enhancement. He has written for A List Apart and is a jQuery core team member, most recently leading the development of the jQuery Mobile project.

Currently, Scott is tromping around Southeast Asia with his wife, pushing his commits from afar.

  1. Raising the Bar on Mobile

    Scott Jehl

    Scott Jehl unties the ribbon on his cross-browser method of clearing away the address bar from small mobile screens to make more room for your design. So clear a space under the tree and on your phone for more Christmas pixels.