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24 ways to impress your friends

Phil Hawksworth

Phil Hawksworth

Phil works in Developer Relations at Netlify, an automation and hosting platform for modern websites.

With a passion for browser technologies, and the empowering properties of the Web, he loves seeking out ingenuity and simplicity, especially in places where over-engineering is common.

Phil’s career in web development spans almost 20 years and includes time as a Software Engineer at Verisign, an Open Source Evangelist at British Telecom, and Technology Director at R/GA where he worked with clients around the world such as Nike, Google, Hyundai and Samsung to bring engaging and effective experiences to the widest audience possible.

  1. Knowing the Future - Tips for a Happy Launch Day

    Phil Hawksworth

    Phil Hawksworth dashes through the snow towards his launch deadline with some tips for easing the path to production. Going live can be a scary thing, but that shouldn’t be down to technical concerns.Nail your deployment early, don’t leave it to the night before Christmas.