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24 ways to impress your friends

Jina Anne

Jina Anne

Jina is a design systems advocate and community builder focused on design systems. She is currently consulting with Amazon on a design system for a new, secret project.

She organizes Clarity, the first Design Systems conference. She founded the San Francisco Design Systems Coalition (which now has chapters in New York, London, and more). She created and moderates the Design Systems Slack and the Design Systems publication on Medium. She maintains the design and website for Sass. She organizes The Mixin (a Sass and front end meet up). She also curates Sass News.

She co-wrote the Design Systems Handbook, Fancy Form Design, and The Art & Science of CSS. She was a tech editor for Sass for Web Designers (by Dan Cederholm) and Sexy Web Design (by Elliot Jay Stocks).

At Salesforce, Jina was lead designer on the Lightning Design System. Previously, she has worked at companies including Apple, GitHub, Engine Yard, Crush + Lovely, inferno, Oden, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art. Through agencies and consulting has worked on projects including W3C WAI,, Deloitte, and FedEx.
She has been said to be one of the most cheerful goths.

  1. Design Systems and Hybrids

    Jina Anne

    Jina Anne circles back to carefully look again at the popularity of design systems and how they impact the different roles within our teams. A good system enables all the reindeer to pull forward in a cohesive motion, yet has space for individuals with very shiny noses.

  2. Make Out Like a Bandit

    Jina Anne

    Jina Anne encourages us to stop and take stock and make sure that we’re getting the most out of all the work we’re putting in. Does your work make you happy, and if not, how do we change things for the better?