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24 ways to impress your friends

It’s Time to Get Personal


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“A personal website also creates personal pressure. Pressure to have things worth sharing. Pressure to be cool and interesting enough for a personal site. Pressure to have a flashy design, or a witty design, or the cleverest and cleanest code. Pressure to keep the site updated, not look like you lost interest, or stopped existing after your site was last updated in 2016.”

Great article. This resonates really strongly with me. I’ve nearly created a personal site so many times over the last twenty years! The big reason I don’t is worried about looking like a fraud; that I don’t have the skills or knowledge to be at the level I’m at in my career. It’s the same reason I rarely tweet, post or share other content.

Robert Wheeler

Great, timely article Laura!

I’ve just re-launched my own personal website using the free Github pages as a way to post some of my personal projects and other stuff I create as a web designer/web developer/digital marketer.

The web should go back to the mid-1990’s when we all started creating personal websites on the free hosting that we got free with our (very expensive) dial-up accounts.

With modern semantic HTML5, CSS3, Flexbox and now CSS grid we could make such a beautiful web and we should all choose to do so.

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