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Securing Your Site like It’s 1999


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I don’t usually read long articles, preferring to skim through them but… the style here was so engaging (and fun), I read every line (and learned quite a few things too). So… static pages it is:-)

Nicolas Chevallier

I had a lot of fun remembering this time and learning some stories. For all the examples mentioned, these are discoveries made by enthusiastic hackers, tweakers in the noble sense of the term.


This was a pleasant read. I often forget that a lot of these attack vectors exist because I use frameworks that have protections baked in. It’s always good to read a refresher on the dangers that are ever present when publishing to the internet because when it comes to security being complacent can end badly.

Israel Obiagb

Thanks so much, Katie for the enlightening post. Personally, I learnt so much on getting better prepared while building web applications and the loop-holes to fix in previous ones.

You wrote, on two occasions of Angular and React having so much of these security features baked in – and no mention of Vue. I would love your advice on securing applications built with Vue.

Thanks again for the well-written and highly informative article.

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