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Lint the Web Forward With Sonarwhal


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Jean Kaplansky

This is great! I’ve seen people do things like this for content (schematron), but not for website underpinnings. Sonarwahl has real potential to help keep web devs keep their skills and their best practices up-to-date and consistent. QA and maintenance is a bonus outcome.


Hi Stephanie,

thank you for sharing this tool. It is the second great tool for me this week. The first i found (maybe you know it) is Funkify, a disability simulator and yes it can hurt feelings too :)

kind regards Theo

Stephen Scott

Thanks for writing this article. Sonarwhal looks like a great tool.

I naturally tried it on the 24ways website itself – results are here:

And (naturally), the site turns out pretty well :-)


Nice! I know a lot of non-dev folks at my agency also really appreciate having a straightforward report of what’s wrong with the site on a high level, and this would do a great job of that. Thank you for your work on this and for this article!

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