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24 ways to impress your friends

Levelling Up for Junior Developers


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While I’m more mid-level than junior now, I’d urge any dev to find something that’s tangential but not always considered a “default” skillset – that might mean design, knowing a lot about accessibility, knowing something about content entry/strategy, whatever. This not only helps you impress the people who make you non-junior, but it’ll edify you along the way. Focus on the essentials; learn the basics and the standards before you even start to touch a framework. And then learn something else! I do front-end, but I used to be a designer, and having that knowledge has made a lot of conversations with designers much easier. I would recommend that to any dev. Find something you really enjoy learning about, learn it, and don’t be afraid to tell the people you work with that you know it. Those “extra” skills go a long way.

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