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24 ways to impress your friends

The Accessibility Mindset


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Karl Brown

Thank you for a really interesting article. You’re right that we’re building the web today that we’ll be trying to use when we’re a lot older, so making sure we can still use it then when our dexterity, vision, hearing and other senses are worn out is paramount.

I read a document from the UK government saying that disabled people have around £80 billion in spending power per year; this is certainly not a market size that any company wants to ignore!

Brian LePore

I am very happy to hear see the issues with icon fonts being discussed. There are so many issues with them that hopefully developers learn to stop using this practice.

Thank you for bringing up the title or aria-label approach.

One thing that I would suggest that’s not in the article is for developers to avoid using the CSS background attribute and to instead look into using CSS generated content to display icons. Background images are not displayed to users that are in Windows High Contrast mode, but CSS generated content are treated like content images and are thus displayed to the user.

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