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24 ways to impress your friends

Solve the Hard Problems


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Design CT

Indeed, getting good at some one thing is better than being about average at everything. Less is cool but I think the reason Sass has become more relevant now is because the new Bootstrap makes use of it (if I’m not mistaken).


Thanks Drew for the great post.

This point “Get good at what you do. Practise your skills and don’t just flit from one shiny thing to the next.” makes sense . Its a life boat for anyone who is struggling to stride through the sea of technology choices and helps to stay focused.


Great article, really motivates one to think things though before starting.

Looking forward to more articles from you



Matt Collins

Thanks for the thought-provoking article, Drew! I think you make a really important point about carefully choosing where you spend your time and what you learn.

Do you have any favourite ways of making the ‘what to learn’ choice?

One thing I like to do is to try to get a sense of the popularity of different technologies by looking at things like Google Trends , the “DB-Engines ranking page”: and BuiltWith stats

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