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24 ways to impress your friends

Being Customer Supportive


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Nicolas Chevallier

Excellent article.
Just another tip: For some near insult mails I let a night before answering, not to let anger be part of the answer.
Users do not necessarily see all the work deployed daily in the website, freely available !


Thanks, Elizabeth! Really appreciated your article. Customer Support is an overlooked topic, and your TAHT approach is helpful even beyond the support desk. Specifically, I’m glad you put tone first, because it is so important in establishing a trust with your customer. You can provide great support, but if your customer is put off by your tone, they still may not be satisfied with the resolution.

Arun Agrawal

Nice reminder. When the customer is facing a problem, she can really get edgy and it is our job to reassure her while working on the solution. This can cut down the resolution time as I have seen so many times.

Thanks for the note! Can seriously relate :)

Paul Morriss

I mentally filed this as “interesting, but maybe not that relevant”, as I don’t work in customer support, but then I realised that, being in IT, of course I have internal customers. So I’m rereading it before I send an email to one of my customers!

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