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Be Fluid with Your Design Skills: Build Your Own Sites


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Christopher Murphy

Thanks for writing this, Ros. I lead Interaction Design provision at the Belfast School of Art ( and I’ve spent the last few weeks encouraging my students to get cracking and get building. They’re getting there, slowly but surely.

There’s so much in your article that resonated with me,: that feeling when you fix something, that feeling when you learn something new, that feeling you get when you add one more tool to your toolset… that’s what makes it worthwhile.

Thanks for sharing your passion and have a great Christmas.


Thank you Ros for your insights. This year I moved to a freelancer role myself and had to do some building on my own projects. Before I went freelance there was always a colleague I could ask about HTML, CSS, DNS, etc.

This year I learned so much more by doing parts of it myself. So I recognize most of the reasons you mentioned. Looking forward on 2016 I will focus even more on building.

But my homebase is design.

Have a nice holiday season!

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