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Animation in Responsive Design


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Gibran Malheiros

Great thoughts on the subject, indeed it’s really hard to work out those situations. In the past I used to work a lot with Flash, and I still feel like the web technologies are years behind in terms of animation.

Christopher Palacios

There is so much for powerful thinking when working through responsive animation and how returning to a site in a different context can help engage the story a site may be attempting to “unfold”.
Terrific post.

Anay Somvanshi

Thanks for this insightful article. I believe that the mobile web is still in the nascent stages of development and it has the capability to become much more powerful and effective in the time to come. Your work offers a direction to a plethora of new interactions which can be implemented in Responsive design. If correctly combined with well-designed feedback systems, these choreographed animations could serve as great mental models for user experiences.

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