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Naming Things


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Ivan Nikolić

Great article, especially with the links to vocabularies! One thing that I’ve started using is thesaurus for finding synonyms to widely accepted words (e.g., either to find “shorter” (but still recognizable) word or, since English is not my native language, to maybe see if there is some more common word for what I’m trying to describe (mostly because of “brain freeze” moments :)).

Regarding scaling techniques, I’ve found that using Greek alphabet is somewhat more approachable and it looks “cooler”, e.g. primary > alpha, secondary > beta, tertiary > gamma, etc. Also, shorter words :)


You can spend all week thinking about this, but what it comes down to is too much specificity. The cascade works if it’s designed properly.

Heather Lewis

Yes, naming can be a time-consuming task, especially if a lot of terms are alike. In our team, we have a naming pattern so it will be easy for other developers to identify, which is which. I will get back to this for tips. Thanks!

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